Aktionspostkarte: Ausgeliefert - Munitionsexporte der Rheinmetall AG stoppen

Aktionspostkarte: Ausgeliefert - Munitionsexporte der Rheinmetall AG stoppen mehr


Protest gegen Militärmesse ITEC 2018  mehr


Vom 21. Mai bis zum 2. Juni 2018 findet unter dem Motto „Frieden geht!“ ein Staffellauf gegen Waffenexporte von Oberndorf nach Berlin statt.  mehr



Das Kampagnenfaltblatt zum Verteilen oder Auslegen an Infoständen mehr


Titelblatt von Grässlin, Harrich und Harrich-Zandberg: Netzwerk des Todes

Netzwerk des Todes - Das Enthüllungsbuch zum TV-Ereignis „Tödliche Exporte“ mehr


Schwarzbuch Waffenhandel - Wie Deutschland am Krieg verdient mehr.

Silly: Vaterland

Mit dem Song "Vaterland" möchte die Band Silly zum Nachdenken über Rüstungsexporte anregen.


Information and Facts

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The ten largest export countries and import countries in the international arms trade 2010

Check the Reports of the German Government about export policies for conventional arms, published since 1999, to access information on the scale, type of weapons and countries of German weapons exports.

The reports reveal which country legally received German weapons, parts thereof or munitions. It is not disclosed, however, which model by which producer and at which point of time has been exported.

Since 1997 the Common Conference Church and Development (GKKE), which unites the two major churches, has published an annual report on arms export. This report sheds light on the German arms trade with the necessary critical distance.

In its SIPRI Yearbook, The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has been publishing information on the leading providers of conventional major weapons systems for decades. However, the report does not publish any details on small weapons.

The Weapons Information Office (RIB; RüstungsinformationsBüro) provides an overview of all the weapons export reports of the German government, the GKKE and SIPRI-reports. The page enables you to download reports of previous years.

The Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) has published basic data about armament, military and security in its country reports about important recipient countries of German exports. Very interesting are the interactive maps offered by BICC and the BICC database. This database evaluates the correspondence of 170 countries altogether to eight criteria, which are based on those spelled out in the EU Common Position for Arms Exports.