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Titelblatt von Grässlin, Harrich und Harrich-Zandberg: Netzwerk des Todes

Netzwerk des Todes - Das Enthüllungsbuch zum TV-Ereignis „Tödliche Exporte“ mehr


Schwarzbuch Waffenhandel - Wie Deutschland am Krieg verdient mehr.

Silly: Vaterland

Mit dem Song "Vaterland" möchte die Band Silly zum Nachdenken über Rüstungsexporte anregen.


In addition to the sides which describe the essentials of the outcry campaign in brief (see menue entrys on the left) here interessting news are listed.

Arms exports to Saudi Arabia
The german government exceed the export freeze until the end of the year 2020
Bundesregierung verlängert Rüstungsexportmoratorium nach Saudi-Arabien

Immediate arms export ban of Germany against Turkey / No weapons for illegal military operation in Syria
11th October 2019 - Press Release Action Outcry - Stop the Arms Trade ("Aktion Aufschrei - Stoppt den Waffenhandel") more

Open letter to the members of the German Federal Security Council
56 development, human rights, humanitarian and peace organisations call for a comprehensive arms export ban for the Yemen military coalition more

Arms exports to Saudi Arabia
German arms export freeze on Saudi Arabia extended,, 18.09.2019

Frieden geht! The Relay Run against Arms Exports - for a peaceful World
from Oberndorf (21 May 2018) to Berlin (2 June 2018)

Our Goals
We demand: No export of weapons of war and munitions! The arms industry has to be converted into a reasonable, sustainable fabrication for civil use (arms conversion).
See details in the PDF-Document

EU arms embargo on Syria should not be amended, say peace groups. Press Release from Groups organised in the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) published 30-01-2013; more

German Weapons for the World - How the Merkel Doctrine Is Changing Berlin Policy. Read this informative article in "Der Spiegel, No. 49, 2012l"

Germany mulls new tank deal with Saudis
Read this article published by Deutsche Welle World December 4th 2102. Jürgen Grässlin, spokesman for the campaign "Action Outcry: Stop the Weapons Exports is mentioned in the text. more